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Psammetichus II, Reign, Documents and Officials

Roberto Gozzoli

GHP Egyptology 25

280 pages, including colour plates, paperback

ISBN 978-1906137410

Employing royal monuments, papyri and graffiti, Psammetichus II (ruled 595 589 BC.), his foreign
campaigns, enigmas, royal monuments and officials are studied in order to supply a complete study
of the Pharaoh and his times. In Egyptology he is best known for leading a Nubian campaign.
Psammetichus II ruled in a period when Egypt was fighting for its life against the more powerful Babylonian kingdom.

UK price: £49 --- US price $ 99



Other new titles


Danijela Stefanović

Dossiers of Ancient Egyptian Women
The Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period

(Middle Kingdom Studies 5)

paperback, 224 + x pages

ISBN 978-1906137519

UK £30 - US $60


Change and Innovation in Middle Kingdom Art
Proceedings of the MeKeTRE Study Day
held at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (3rd May 2013)

(Middle Kingdom Studies 4)

Lubica Hudáková, Peter Jánosi and Andrea Kahlbacher

hardcover, A4, 144 pages, 16 colour plates

ISBN 9781906137502

£45 - $100



Stephen Quirke

Birth tusks: the armoury of health in context Egypt 1800 BC.

including publication of Petrie Museum examples photographed by Gianluca Miniaci, and drawin from photographs by Andrew Boyce

A4, hardcover, 704 pages, 8 colour plates

£75 - $150

ISBN 978-1906137496

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