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Kenneth Griffin

All the Rxyt-people Adore: The Role of the Rekhyt-people in Egyptian Religion

GHP Egyptology 29

ISBN 978-1906137625

368 pages, A4, many b/w figures

£75 - $150


Egyptian society is often said to have been divided into social classes, with the pat -people representing the 'elite'
and the rxyt -people being the 'commoners'.  The aim of this study is to provide the first comprehensive analysis of the role of the
-people in Egyptian religion by utilising both text and iconography. This includes exploring their identity, their participation
in Egyptian rituals and temple festivals, and a detailed examination of  the rxyt rebus. 


Martin Fitzenreiter

Allerhand Kleinigkeiten

Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie 20

278 pages, A4; ISBN 978-1-906137-56-4


July 2018


Allerhand Kleinigkeiten offers a collection of sp far unpublished articles. It covers a wide range of topics, from funerary culture to self conception of Egyptolgy.

The first part includes papers dealing with funerary and religious topics. In Stiftung und Wohltätigkeit im Alten Ägypten is given a summary of resarch on pious foundations and their relation to charity in Ancient Egypt. The question of why there is a remarkable rupture in funerary habits at the end of the 2 nd millenium BCE is discussed in 1. und 2. Bestattung in der 3. Zwischenzeit . A summary of sources and scientific approaches to pharaonic ancestorship is given in Ancestor Veneration and Ancestor Cult in Pharaonic Egypt . The question of the ontological status of 'god' is approached from a Derrida'ian angle in Wie gibt es „Gott“ im pharaonischen Ägypten ? Oder: Grammatologie und Praxis eines Konzeptes und seiner Epoche (Neues vom Netscher, Teil II) .

The following two articles are dealing with history and historiography; first, with an general approach to historiographical research in Egyptology in Geschichtsforschung und Ägyptologie ; second, with an example of ancient Pharaonic-Kushite historiography in Piye's conquest of Egypt (about 727 B.C.E.) and the making of a Great Event (about 727 B.C.E. and beyond) .

Questions of written and pictorial art are approached in the following three papers. In Scherz, Satire, Ironie und tiefere Bedeutung. Che(r)ti, Qai-gab und die altägyptische Literatur is proposed a new translation of the “Satire on Trades”. The article includes some remarks on the purpose of literature in Ancient Egypt. Eine kurze Geschichte der pharaonischen Kunst – Von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart summarizes a couple of observations on what pharaonic art could be, and how it was transferred into recent artspeopleship. The decoration of the famous chapel of Tji is discussed in A working class hero is something to be... Or: Tji enjoying the pleasures of iconology , setting it in a narrow as well as a wider frame of artistic references.

The last papers are dealing with questions about Egyptology. Factors leading to the establishement of a branch of Egyptological research focussed on the Sudan are discussed in Meistererzählung und Milieu. Zur Paradigmenbildung in der Berliner sudanarchäologischen Forschung . In Das Museum als 'Laboratorium der Aneignung'. Thesen zur Konzeption einer (post-)ägyptologischen Forschungsstätte experiances by the author during his time as curator of the collection of pharaonic artefacts at the Uiversity of Bonn are reflected. Finally, Nofretete und die allgemeine Verwirrung. Ein ägyptologisches Feuilleton makes some remarks on zeros in scientific debates in Egyptology.


Erika Endesfelder

Die Arbeiter der thebanischen Nekropole im Neuen Reich

Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie 21

124 pages, A5; ISBN 9781906137571

July 2018



Elena Tiribilli

The bronze figurines of the Petrie Museum from 2000 BC to AD 400

366 pages, paperback; A4, over 500 b/w images

£75 - $150

ISBN: 9781906137526

Catalog of bronze figures in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. The museum houses 510 statuettes or fragments
of statuettes made of bronze. Most of them represent Egyptian gods, but there are also Hellenistic and Roman figures.

Chapter 1: Gods as men
Chapter 2: Goddess as woman
Chapter 3: Human beings
Chapter 4: Sacred animals
Chapter 5: Animals with a human head
Chapter 6: Group figurines
Chapter 7: Figurines in Hellenistic and later styles
Chapter 8: Fragments and loose parts of figurines



Gamma Tully, Claudia Naeser

Discovering Mograt Island Tohether,
Mograt Island Archaeologcial Miss

52 pages, paperback, English, Arabic

ISBN 978-1906137472


(limited availability)


Micòl Di Teodoro

Labour organisation in Middle Kingdom Egypt

(Middle Kingdom Studies 7)

A4, paperback, 240 pages, including 8 colour plates

ISBN 978-1906137588

UK price: £60 - US price: $120




Elena Pischikova, Julia Budka, Kenneth Griffin (editors)

Thebes in the First Millennium BC: Art and Archaeology of the Kushite Period and Beyond

GHP Egyptology 27

paperback, A4, 416 pages, many b/w images

ISBN 978-1906137595

UK: £75 - US: $150




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